Welcome to Gilman, Pope, Scribner & Robles. Gilman, Pope, Scribner & Robles is recognized as a focused, professional investment banking firm with the primary goal of assisting companies and individuals through the process of acquiring, merging or divesting of private, closely-held enterprises. GilmanPope
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Welcome to Gilman, Pope, Scribner & Robles. Gilman, Pope, Scribner & Robles is recognized as a focused, professional investment banking firm with the primary goal of assisting companies and individuals through the process of acquiring, merging or divesting of private, closely-held enterprises. Obviously, there are several issues to be examined and as you spend some time on our site; I believe the majority are addressed. In those cases where you feel the need for greater clarity or simply wish to have a personal visit, please feel free to pick up the phone and give us a call. The purpose of our company is to provide the assistance and direction you need to make the proper choice whether you are considering the possible sale of your company or the acquisition of your first business or a strategic investment within an industry.

A Different Perspective Regarding Your Success

At Gilman, Pope, Scribner & Robles, we hold a significantly different perspective as to the role an investment banker should play in the success of our clients. When establishing our firm, we felt it was important to provide both owners of companies and potential buyers access to the expertise necessary to successfully complete the transactions contemplated without the barriers most common in other firms. While we recognized the most obvious barrier of high up-front fees and onerous contractual obligations, Gilman, Pope was also very much aware that providing only one option to business owners was too limiting and failed to take into account all of the talent and expertise an owner such as yourself would bring to the process.

Owner Options

The typical size of the businesses represented by GPSR carries a market value of between $2M and $35M and runs a broad spectrum of industries from manufacturing to distribution to service enterprises to retail chains. Our experience told us that acquisitions and divestments vary not only in size and complexity but in the participants’ interest and ability to invest the time and effort necessary to maximize their return. As a result, we offer several different ways of assisting our clients.


For larger and typically more complex cases, GPSR determined the best manner in which to satisfy your needs and minimize your direct day-to-day involvement is to offer our TOTAL SOLUTION SERVICE. This service is offered on a contingency basis which means you only pay when the transaction is completed. Unlike the overwhelming majority of firms within our industry, GPSR does not require any up-front fees or retainers when working under this program. Under such a structure, Gilman, Pope will take the lead throughout the process from working with you to position your company for sale, to determining what your company is worth, to assisting you in searching out and creating value to sell that encompasses all aspects of your business, to marketing your business, locating acquisition candidates and negotiating the terms of the sale. Throughout this process Gilman, Pope will work with you and your trusted professionals to arrive at the best price and structure possible.


Alternatively, in those cases where you want to take an active role in a divestiture, GPSR has established a unique service called SELLER ASSIST. This is the only service that recognizes the value and broader role you can play in the process of selling your company. You are still provided with the necessary foundations to include positioning the company for sale along with determining the value of the company and numerous other aspects of the selling process as better defined on the Seller Assist Page. It integrates you into the process of selling your company in a more active and direct manner. If you have the ability and the time needed, nobody can better explain the history, direction and unrealized aspects of the business that have yet to be maximized to potential purchasers.

While structured in such a manner as to protect the confidentiality of your decision to sell your company, you only become directly involved in the process when capable, interested parties have expressed an interest in the business, signed Non-Disclosure documents and agreed to a teleconference with Gilman, Pope and you. At this point, you have the opportunity to take advantage of your unique knowledge and insight into your company’s operation to provide the best perspective of your company to potential acquisition candidates. And, best of all, while still providing the key tools and direction needed to sell the business, the fees associated with the Seller Assist Program are fixed and less than ten percent of what other companies would charge you to sell your company.


GPSR also operates a separate division, GP MAIN STREET. It provides cost-effective sales process services and advice to companies with annual revenue under $2 million. We realized this area, while the largest by far of all business ownership segments, is noticeably limited in options available to you as the owner. Rather than simply addressing the standard questions of “What is My Company Worth?” And “Should I Sell My Company?” Gilman, Pope looks deeply into your business in an attempt to unearth valuable aspects when positioning your company for sale. For example, by simply looking for other means of determining how to create value when selling your company we might uncover certain aspects of your business that can attract a broader range of potential buyers and create greater demand. While the services offered are less comprehensive than those of the more costly options mentioned for larger companies, all of the issues discussed above are addressed along with how and where to search out potential buyers for your business, negotiating points and the process to follow to arrive at a successful sale of your company. Again, you, as the owner, play a significant role in this process but at an extremely attractive cost for the depth and degree of assistance provided.

Finally, because of GPSR’s broad and deep experience we are also able to offer clients a la carte
consultancy services relating to

Raising Capital
Strategic Planning

Again, playing off of our principals’ own history of business ownership and, in all likelihood, having faced many of the same situations you face today, Gilman, Pope is well positioned to provide the needed insight and assistance to arrive at the answers you require.

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