At Gilman, Pope, Scribner & Robles, over the years, we have had the opportunity to work with and represent a significant number of parties interested in acquiring an operating enterprise. In many respects, the process is even more complicated than selling a business.

Since the rationale or motivation behind the decision to purchase a company varies tremendously from buyer to buyer and situation to situation, GPSR does not act as a clearing house or data base for a large number of companies or individuals interested in the acquisition process. There are a significant number of entities that perform such services quite competently.

At GPSR, our approach is much more focused. To begin with, any company or individual interested in utilizing our services in acquiring a business, regardless of whether it represents the initial transaction or the twentieth, must provide adequate information concerning its financial capabilities and business background.


This insures we invest our time with those acquiring parties that are well prepared to consummate a transaction should the appropriate company or companies be presented for acquisition. This is accomplished through the completion of a short Acquisition Profile.Once the Acquisition Profile has been completed, a decision will be reached as to the role GPSR is to play in the acquisition process. In many cases we represent the Sellers of companies available for sale; in other cases, the Acquiring Party is our client.

Fill Out A Business Acquisition Profile