When you are discussing your company with potential acquirers, it is very important to provide them with a clear picture of your company and the strength it brings to the marketplace. Over the years, GPSR has discovered that a well thought out and presented overview of a company seeking to be acquired can prove to be a strong tool in distinguishing a company from the numerous potential
candidates reviewed by professional buyers. Typically, these buyers cast a pretty wide net. As a result, unless a company stands out in a unique way, via earnings or products for example, many companies do not receive the degree of attention deserved and are passed over as potential targets. A well prepared and concise overview of your company not only provides the opportunity to highlight your company, it also helps the individual performing the initial assessment to understand your company well enough to present it to his superiors increasing the opportunity for a full review by the potential buyer’s executive staff.

To be clear, we are not talking about an extensive business plan. While such plans have their place, at GPSR we feel such plans can do more to hamper interest in a company than enhance the marketability of your business. At GPSR, we have discovered it is not the weight of the document but the weight of the information conveyed that is important. The intent of the Corporate Overview is to provide a blind profile of your company without diving deeply into the specifics of the business. The Corporate Overview takes the form of a narrative story of the company and broadly addresses the following categories:

History and Evolution of the Company
Products and/or Services Offered
Facility and Capacity Parameters
Composition of Staffing
Customer Base
Market Size
Growth Areas
Any other unique information that would cast a positive light on your company.
Unadjusted Financial Statements of the Company.
Adjusted Financial Statements of the Company with clarification of adjustments as necessary.

The Corporate Overview will act as a strong tool in your marketing effort and can be utilized in a number of additional ways. Since the Corporate Overview does not identify your Company, it can sometimes be used to convince an acquiring party to execute the NDA and, as a result, move the transaction forward. Beyond that value, the Corporate Overview serves as a great outline for future discussions between you and the potential buyer. It allows the potential buyer to come well prepared to discuss your company in an intelligent manner and precludes the need for you to spend a great deal of time addressing basic facts about your business.