Let’s discuss what this service is going to cost you and what it is not going to cost you. To begin with, under no circumstances will the fees charged by Gilman, Pope, Scribner & Robles ever change from the amount quoted. All of our services are at a set fee so you know right upfront exactly how much you can expect to pay.

As to what we charge, in almost every case our fees will be less than 1/10th of what you would pay other Mergers & Acquisitions Specialists or Investment Bankers or Business Brokers. At Gilman, Pope we believe in providing the highest value at the lowest cost.

You might wonder how we can charge such a low price. It is really very simple. Over more than thirty years of assisting Sellers and Buyers of privately held companies, we have come to a few very basic conclusions that have driven the model we use in working with business owners to assist in the selling process.

To begin with, seldom are you as an owner in the position to create the greatest value for your company without the aid of a firm that specializes in the process of selling companies. Certain aspects of the process require a degree of distance between you and the Acquiring Party; for example, determining enterprise value is one aspect that requires the intercession of a third party to generate the highest value for you.

Secondly, if left to its own efforts, the M&A firm will typically be unable to gain the knowledge and insight necessary to develop all aspects of the company’s market value or to justify the value associated with unrealized aspects of the company. This should not be much of a shock. Think about the amount of time you have invested in developing your company and you can quickly realize the knowledge you hold is too great to simply convey to your intermediary.

Thirdly, ultimately, the transaction is only going to take place if you are heavily involved in the actual selling process. And, since you are going to be involved in the selling process, it is important to take advantage of your involvement to drive the company’s opportunity value to the highest level possible. As stated earlier, each business has its own unique circumstances and opportunities that are not obvious to any of the third parties involved whether it be the M&A firm, the potential purchaser or its advisors. You, as the owner of the business, have unique insights into these opportunities and aspects of the business that have not been monetized. Without your involvement, these items are going to be either dismissed or undervalued which will result in a lower value realized for the company.

Ultimately, our process comes down to the simple fact that the selling process is a collaborative process. It is our job at Gilman, Pope to posture your company for sale at its highest value, assist you in marketing your company to qualified buying entities and advise you through the sales process. It is your job to take the documentation and advice provided by Gilman, Pope, combine it with your intimate knowledge of your company and belief in its future and create a climate that ultimately results in the successful sale of your company at a value that meets your expectations.

$1 Million to $2.5 Million $5,000
$2.5 Million to $5 Million $7,500
$5 Million to $7.5 Million $10,000
$7.5 Million to $10 Million $12,500
$10 Million to $15 Million $15,000
$15 Million to $20 Million $20,000
$20 Million Call