GPSR will guide you through an assessment of the Market Value of your Company. Obviously, this issue and the structure of the transaction are the heart of any business sale and justifiably so. While there are numerous formulas that can be utilized to assess value, the reality is valuation always carries some level of
subjectivity. Whether it is the risk assigned to the company or the choice of cap rates, these factors, among others, are not set in stone. As a result, it is important to gain insight into your company’s market value before entering the marketplace. For one thing, you may determine the assigned value does not warrant marketing your company at the present time. But, based on GPSR’s analysis, you can then determine what level of financial performance you need to achieve to realize the value desired.

However, the majority of the time, a value can be achieved that meets an owner’s realistic expectations. A valuation of your company will require a significant amount of time and effort; some of which you will be required to invest.To begin with, your company’s financial statements do not typically cast your company in its most profitable light. There are several reasons for this but the reality is that without appropriate adjustments, your company could be significantly undervalued.

One of the benefits of working with GPSR is the fact that over the past twenty plus years, the principals have reviewed thousands of financial statements of privately held companies and have the insight to recognize areas within financial statements that often hold hidden value that is relevant to potential buyers.

Also, it is always beneficial when negotiating the divestiture of your company to be able to point to a third-party assessment of value. While you obviously have a great ability to run a company, that does not mean you have the expertise to argue your company’s value with individuals who spend a significant portion of their time assigning value to companies with the goal of minimizing the acquisition price. By utilizing a third-party valuation, you no longer have to justify the value assigned and the burden becomes that of the acquiring party to justify a different value or accept the value assigned. It can work as a strong negotiating tool as the transaction progresses.

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