At GPSR, we recognize that determining whether or not the time has arrived to arrange for the sale of a closely held company can be an extremely difficult decision fraught with issues ranging from the financial aspects of the transaction to the emotional facets inevitably faced. As a result, GPSR does not enter into discussions with business owners with the predisposition that the purpose of the meeting is to discuss how to sell the company. Our initial discussions are more personal in nature and less directed toward the business transaction contemplated. There is plenty of time for this later. What our staff wishes to accomplish first and foremost is whether or not the decision to sell is a prudent one when all of the factors are considered.

At GPSR, we want to invest some time looking into the basis for the owners’ decision to sell. We begin with the owners’ objectives first because it is our opinion that regardless of the price and structure generated from the sale of the business, if we don’t meet the owners’ goals beyond value, the transaction is not successful. At GPSR we are prepared to provide the owners with all of the information and insight necessary to insure the decision ultimately made is the right one after factoring in all relevant information.

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