Blind exposure of your company to hundreds of well capitalized and interested acquiring entities. A large segment of the possible acquirers are Private Equity Groups, Strategic Buyers, Investment Banks, Hedge Funds
and Venture Capital Groups along with high-net-worth private parties.
All responses are directed back through Gilman, Pope, Scribner & Robles (“GPSR”). By controlling the flow of initial inquiries concerning your business, it accomplishes two major benefits: 1) It maintains the confidentiality of your possible interest in selling and 2) It allows for a timely response to all inquiries in a professional manner.
Upon receipt of the initial inquiries, GPSR will then examine the party’s interest in your company and initial assessment of the party’s ability to consummate a purchase.
At the same time, GPSR will provide limited insight into your company to insure it is a good fit with the inquiring party’s objectives.
At this point, GPSR will then contact you and arrange a time to discuss our assessment with regard to any potential buying candidate allowing you to determine your interest in pursuing further discussions with the possible buyer.


Assuming you wish to pursue the matter further with the buyer introduced, GPSR will then, on your behalf, provide the interested party with a Non-Disclosure Document (“NDA”) for review and signature.
Upon the NDA’s signature and return, it will be immediately forwarded to you. If you find the document acceptable in its final form, GPSR will then arrange a conference call between you and the buyer to discuss general parameters of your company and a possible transaction. During the first three initial conference calls with inquiring entities, at your request, GPSR will monitor the call to assist you in answering only those questions appropriate for your first conversation with the buyer.
Additionally, after the conference call has been completed, GPSR will arrange a follow-up call with you to touch on the strong points raised during the call and to suggest alternative language when addressing some of the issues about your company that may not have been portrayed in the best light.
If you feel the conversation went well and would like further discussions with the interested party, we will then convey that information to the party and inform them you will be contacting them directly. At this point, our involvement is finished and you will then proceed to deal directly with this particular buying party. However, even though we have now completed our requirements on your behalf, we will remain available to you for any direction or assistance you find necessary as you move toward the successful sale of your company.